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Sincerely, Carsten Schippmann

Important semiconductors required for the production of our products will not be available in the long term before mid-2024.
This means that not only no new products will be released this year, but also nothing can be post-produced.
What is in stock will be available as long as stock last.

ebbe und flut III

the reference filter - for your creativity

NEW production after 12 years - still available!

Improved Distortion (10-19 db less noise, more brightly sound), a TRUE bypass and three more LED's
indicating Audio-Trigger activity and envelopes contour and some technical improvements!

Shipment: ex-works!
Customs fees and procedures, taxes and any miscellaneous fees as well as all risks are on the sole responsibility of the customer.
We accept bank wire or Paypal payment.

If you have a VAT#, we need the details (type of company (Ltd., etc.), companies name, zip, street) exactly as registered, please.

email us: request{ääth}schippmann-music{dot}com

ebbe und flut III gives your music space and expression.


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available modules
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DLFO (dual highly controllable LFO)
DTG (dual low noise precision envelope)
DST2 (highly improved euf - distortion)
Cook (extended euf - easyCompressor)
VCF1E (large extended euf - VCF1)
HDH-6 (super warm dual diode high-pass)
all prices include shipment and exclude any other fees (customs, taxes, etc...)
If you want to buy or if you need infos - please email to: request {ääth} schippmann-music.com

Please note that I discontinue the development of Eurorack modules.
Of course, I reserve, in case of a good idea, to release another module time by time, but certainly not before 2024.
This is a platform of the new EU-regulation (EU) Nr. 524/2013 for settlement of a dispute of online customers.
Our shipping conditions: ex-works Berlin, Germany!

FYI: Actually, you are responsible for pick up the goods from our work Berlin. BUT, we standardly offer the transport by our carrier
and do the customs declaration for the export out of Germany - nothing special. All prices already include the transportation costs of this option!
You also can send us your pick-up request by a carrier of your choice or send us a way bill label of your carrier and we organise the pick-up.

Once the goods have been handed over to the carrier, the goods are the sole responsibility of the buyer and become his exhausting ownership.
Thus, all services have been rendered by us.

The buyer bears all transportation risks, including damage or complete loss of the goods.
We can insure the goods higher on your instruction - standard are 500 EUR.

All import matters, customs clearance and all applicable fees, taxes and duties are the responsibility of the buyer.

For calculation please call your customs office and ask for the HS-code: 8543.7090 (ebbe und flut), 9209.9400 (all products of the CS-8 Series).
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